Substance Use

Prevention Program

Services offered for Prevention:

The Prevention Programs at Quality Behavioral Health consist of two community prevention coalitions made up of 12 community sectors in Pomeroy and Clarkston, respectively. The prevention programs provide evidence-based program implementation for mental health promotion, and drug and alcohol prevention in K-12 setting, as well as community-wide awareness.  To visit the prevention coalition in your community, please visit:

Services provided by QBH Prevention Includes:

  • Monthly Coalition Meetings

  • Clarkston EPIC

    3rd Thursday of the month at Noon, Valley Community Center

  • Pomeroy Partners for Healthy Families

    2nd Tuesday of the month at Noon, Pomeroy

  • Free Parenting Classes

    visit to register for our next class)

  • Media Awareness campaigns

  • Teen resource booklet

    In Progress

  • Raising youth awareness & developing youth leadership

  • RX Drug Take-Back Days

    (October & April)

  • Free Rx Drug Lockboxes

  • Annual Town Hall Meetings & Events

  • Suicide Prevention

  • ACES Awareness

  • Local Data Collection and Analysis

  • Multiple Programs for Students

     In Elementary, Junior High, and High School

  • Additional programs added as funding allows

     In Elementary, Junior High, and High School