In 2008, Quality Behavioral Health, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit incorporated in the State of Washington, will celebrate its 36th birthday.  Quality Behavioral Health (QBH) has been in existence continuously since 1972.  Originally, the agency was called the Asotin County Department of Mental Health, Drug Abuse and Involuntary Treatment and served Asotin and Garfield Counties.  Later, Garfield County formed a similar organization in its jurisdiction and served ties with the previous mentioned agency.

Officially, Asotin County Department of Mental Health, Drug Abuse and Involuntary Treatment became a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation on December 17, 1981 with the official corporate name of Asotin County Mental Health Center Association.  The next year the agency bought and renovated Dr. Galen Rogers’ medical office building at 900 Seventh Street in Clarkston, Washington which still houses administrative and clinical offices.  QBH received a public contract to provide alcohol treatment from Asotin county in 1987.  The following year the nonprofit purchased a residential house adjacent to its clinic to provide local mental health, involuntary treatment, substance abuse and developmental disabilities services.  This same year Asotin and Garfield Counties became part of the Greater Columbia Behavioral Health Regional Support Network (RSN) that oversees funding of mental health services for eleven Southeast Washington counties.

During the 1990s QBH expanded services and bought more buildings.  The nonprofit purchased Dr. Klein’s office at 901 Eighth Street in Clarkston, Washington that was adjacent to its administrative building on Seventh Street in 1991.  After renovations the building housed children’s services.  The previous year the agency purchased  a duplex at 911 Eighth Street in the City of Clarkston and added another unit.  A few years later the agency obtained a Department of Commerce, Trade and Economic Development grant to purchase three housing units or two units in Pomeroy, Washington and one in Clarkston.  These four housing units were eventually given to another nonprofit or sold for lack of staffing in 2004-2005.  In 2000 QBH gained accreditation and started the Community Sexual Assault Program for victims.

The agency underwent a legal name change in 2003 and became Rogers Counseling Center.  Finally, in 2007 the nonprofit re-purchased the triplex at 911 Eighth Street in Clarkston because QBH identified a serious gap in services and now has the means to hire appropriate staff.  Also, this same year the agency officially changed its name from Rogers Counseling Center to Quality Behavioral Health.

Currently, QBH offers four major services to Asotin and Garfield Counties.  These services are: mental health; crisis intervention; substance abuse; and community sexual assault services for victims.